Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC)

The vision of the Luddy School is of a community committed to diversity as a core strength and as a principle for maximum innovation, creativity, pedagogy, and scholarship. The Luddy School reaches inclusive excellence through an ongoing process of self-reflection analysis, engagement, and feedback.  Through anecdotal feedback and observations, we have learned that we need to improve our outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts to improve the diversity and inclusion of our student enrollment, matriculation, and graduation.

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering is essential to the health, security, and prosperity of the United States.  In response to the National Science Foundation’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, the ADR, along with the Luddy Office of Diversity and Inclusion, has developed a schoolwide plan for broadening participation (BPC).

Our commitment to increasing the Nation's capacity to perform engineering research and development, enhance innovation, and create new technologies that benefit society is reflected in our BPC plan.

About this plan

Plan Contact:
Selma Sabanovic
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


Effective dates of Plan:

07/18/2023 - 07/18/2025