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Luddy recognition

In 2019, entrepreneur Fred Luddy bestowed a historic gift to IU that has helped propel the school into the future. In honor of Luddy’s generosity—the second-largest private gift in IU history—the school was named the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. Along with support for faculty and both graduate and undergraduate students, Luddy’s gift enabled the establishment of two faculty recognition programs: Luddy Fellows and the Luddy Professorship.

  • Luddy Fellows - The Luddy Faculty Fellows program, funded as part of a transformative, $60 million gift from Fred Luddy in 2019, is designed to support excellence in research that is—or promises to be—important, imaginative, or timely. The ADR office sends out an announcement early in the fall and call for applications for the Luddy Fellows program. 
  • Luddy Professorship - Luddy Professors are honored for their outstanding work leading world-class, high-impact research. The first recipients, awarded in 2021, were David Crandall and Filippo Menczer.

Luddy Fellows

Luddy Professor